The brand promotion people

Revenue generation

We can generate extra revenue to boost your organisation’s financial bottom line. How? Our professional multi-lingual sales team will work with you to sell the media space that you own, while at the same time promoting the value and benefits of your exhibition or association brand to your clients, members and, if appropriate, to the wider business community. We can sell advertising space across your entire range of media:

  • Printed publications (eg event guides, members directories, members magazines and newsletters etc)
  • Online media (eg member newsletters, banner advertising, click-throughs, buttons etc)
  • Media space and sponsorships at your event (eg billboards, lanyards, seminar sponsorships, headline sponsorships etc)

We begin each project by listening carefully to gain a deep understanding of your event or association and the markets you operate in, before devising with you the most appropriate approach to selling media space on your behalf. Our sales team will always contact your clients in a scrupulously professional and courteous way, to ensure we never compromise your relationships with your key stakeholders. And finally – it goes without saying – we always keep within the limits you set on our sales activity!