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Our Services and Products

Klarents Media (formerly Publishing Events) helps associations and event organisers to grow their memberships and their events by promoting and delivering a range of planet-friendly communications solutions. Our services include:

Our products include:

  • Online member directories
  • Printed member directories & yearbooks
  • Exhibition catalogues & show guides
  • On-site maps and pocket guides
  • Online exhibitor directories
  • Event previews & newsletters
  • Conference programmes
  • Members magazines
  • Annual reports

All our printed publications can be produced in a carbon balanced way, using materials that are fully recyclable, and sustainably sourced, helping you to meet your sustainability goals, and giving your customers and stakeholders peace of mind.

Event guides and members publications directly reflect the quality of the event or membership organisation itself. We understand what a formidable task it can be to organise an event or run a membership organisation – without having to act as a publisher as well. That’s why some of our clients opt for a hassle-free experience by outsourcing all aspects of the production and sales of their publications and online media to us. Others select from the range of services we offer.

Revenue generation

We can generate extra revenue to boost your organisation’s financial bottom line. How? Our professional multi-lingual sales team will work with you to sell the media space that you own, while at the same time promoting the value and benefits of your exhibition or association brand to your clients, members and, if appropriate, to the wider business community. We can sell advertising space across your entire range of media:

  • Printed publications (eg event guides, members directories, members magazines and newsletters etc)
  • Online media (eg member newsletters, banner advertising, click-throughs, buttons etc)
  • Media space and sponsorships at your event (eg billboards, lanyards, seminar sponsorships, headline sponsorships etc)
We begin each project by listening carefully to gain a deep understanding of your event or association and the markets you operate in, before devising with you the most appropriate approach to selling media space on your behalf. Our sales team will always contact your clients in a scrupulously professional and courteous way, to ensure we never compromise your relationships with your key stakeholders. And finally – it goes without saying – we always keep within the limits you set on our sales activity!

Brand promotion

We work with you to ensure publication layouts are visually striking, informative, intuitively easy to use and, above all, closely reflect your organisation's brand values and design guidelines to help you get your message across powerfully and effectively.

Project management

At least one part of your job as an exhibition organiser or association manager should be completely stress free and as 'un-eventful' as possible. Working closely with you, we can look after the whole process of producing all the media for your event or association, from initial design concepts and online data collection, through to the editing, design and layout of editorial articles, print, and on-site delivery at the event - or distribution direct to your stakeholders.

Delivery and distribution

We ensure on-time delivery of our publications to the highest standards of print production. You can put as much effort as you like into preparing your members directory, or event guide, but if it is badly printed or, worst of all, doesn't arrive on time, it would all have been for nothing! If you are a trade association or professional body, we can also distribute the publication directly to your members on your behalf.

Data sourcing and cleansing

A core part of our service is our online data chase-up, collection and compilation facility for exhibitor and member profiles. Called Klarents™, the system is quick and easy for you, as well as for your exhibitors or members. All data is carefully checked and edited by our production team for errors and to ensure a consistently high standard of English before it is given back to you or published in your media.

Multi-platform options

Repurpose and republish all your data andπ content in both online and print formats. We can republish edited and checked exhibitor or member data from your printed publications onto your main show or association website. Alternatively we can produce a range of digital publications that can be widely distributed across different platforms to your audiences and monetised.

Improving sustainability

Associations and exhibitions increasingly need to meet and exceed their stakeholders’ expectations for improved sustainability in every sense, and protecting the planet. If produced well, printed publications can be one of the most eco-friendly communications tools you can use.* In addition to our digital publications and media, we can provide associations and event organisers with printed products that are:

  • Fully recyclable
  • Carbon balanced
  • Sustainably sourced
We understand the benefits and costs of the myriad of options for environmental best practice within the printing industry. Contact us for expert advice about how we can help you meet your sustainability goals.

* Scientific studies show that people both remember more, and understand more, of what they see in print compared with digital media.

Stakeholder engagement

A professionally-edited and beautifully produced printed publication is one of the most effective means of helping your customers to engage with your brand, whether they are visitors, association members, delegates or exhibitors. Our editing, copy sourcing and production services will not only save you time and worry, but can also make a huge positive difference to the financial bottom line of your organisation.

Advertising production

We liaise directly with advertisers who have bought space in your publications to ensure they supply their copy on time and in the right format, and offering invaluable help with advertising options, design and copy.

Exhibition floor plan design

We produce eye-catching and easily navigable floor plans for our event guides. After all, what is a show guide for if not to help visitors find their way around the exhibition with the minimum of fuss? Our well-designed floor plans can also be re-used on your visitor signage boards at the event.