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New editorial formula boosts ad yields on exhibition guide

When Klarents Media was commissioned to produce the exhibition guide for an event in the sports and leisure sector, advertising yields on the publication were low.

Most of the advertising had been sold to the 300+ exhibitors at the event at less than half the standard rate card cost. The client (a membership association) also felt the show guide had been poorly laid out, and were frustrated because they had had to spend much time each year proof-reading the exhibitor entries because the copy given to them had contained numerous errors.

Starting work four months before the event in 2009, Klarents Media revamped the design of the publication, giving it a more professional look. The redesign included a change to the editorial formula to make the publication more commercially viable.

Klarents Media also took responsibility for collecting all the exhibitor entries via our Klarents online data collection system, and then checking them exhaustively for accuracy, before supplying final page proofs to the association for their approval.

After taking account of all production costs, net income to the client rose from £1996 in 2009 to £5466 in 2010. The client was also happy because they no longer needed to proof-read the copy for the exhibition guide before it went to press.

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